Tiger’s Arrived

Paddy Power

Ten years ago, Tiger Woods’ reputation came crashing down after he drove his Escalade into a tree and allegations of his infidelity came to light. But after a major win at the Augusta Masters in 2019, Tiger was back on his game. So for his arrival to Northern Ireland for the British Open, Irish bookmaker Paddy Power wanted to do something special. Because even though Tiger was back in his lane, we wanted to remind him to keep on driving on the straight and narrow path.

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“Paddy Power mock Tiger Woods with massive billboards reminding him of infamous crash”

“Paddy Power poke fun at Masters’ Champion Tiger Woods ahead of The Open at Portrush”

“Tiger Woods gets the full Paddy Power treatment at Royal Portrush”

“La gamberra campaña de Paddy Power con mención a Tiger Woods”

“Paddy Power mocks Tiger Woods ahead of the British Open with massive billboard… and a familiar car”

“Paddy Power salue le retour sur le green de Tiger Woods d’une manière toute personnelle”


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