The Brexit Bunker

Paddy Power

Over the last 3 years, Brexit has become the most talked about issue in the UK, dominating the airwaves and conversations from the local pub to WhatsApp chat groups. Whether they chose to leave or remain, at this point there’s one thing all Brits can agree on: they’ve had enough of the Brexit madness. So with the help of Paddy Power, we created the Brexit Bunker: an isolated fortress in the middle of the sea between England and France where two lucky Brits could go to escape all the chatter.

To get the word out, we teamed up with outspoken legendary footballer Eric Cantona to bring some order to the chaos and take on Brexit politicians in the process. The Bunker became the talk of the UK, racking up more than 7 million views of the campaign’s videos, with #brexitbunker a national trending topic in the UK and Ireland.

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