Referéndum Navideño

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In Spain, there is an eternal struggle for supremacy going on between 4 powerful figures: Santa Claus and the Three Kings. Because both holidays are celebrated in the country, children are often faced with a dilemma about whom to choose.

So to promote the launch of the holiday film “Reyes Contra Santa”, which is about a fight between these mystical figures, we decided to let the Spanish public settle the question once and for all with a vote. With that in mind, we launched an election campaign with a series of “political” messages from everyone from the Kings, to Santa, to the mythical Caga Tio. And for the final vote, we took to the streets to ask the people who really mattered: The kids.

In the end, the Three Kings won, but the real victory belongs to the film, which became the most watched movie of the holidays.

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“España sigue siendo de los Reyes Magos”

“Manifestación a favor del Referéndum Navideño”

“España sigue siendo de los Reyes Magos”

“Los Reyes Magos y Santa Claus, enfrentados en un Referéndum Navideño”

“Un combate entre los Reyes y Santa”

“Los Reyes Magos ganan el Referéndum Navideño”


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