Purely Coincidental

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“The Boys” may be a show about superheroes, but it unapologetically blurs the line between fiction and reality. After all, many of the characters and situations in the series clearly mimic those we see in real life: From soulless corporations to entitled celebrities and power-hungry politicians… it can all start to sound a little familiar. But as the disclaimer before many of the series and films on Prime Video clearly states: Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental.

So to launch the third season of the Amazon Original series for European audiences, we brought that concept to life with a series of contextual ads targeting real people, events and institutions in the UK, Italy, France and Germany. The ads called out some of those “purely coincidental” similarities in the series, making reference to everything from politics to music festivals, professional football and even the Queen of England herself during her Platinum Jubilee.

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“Prime Video Blurs the Line Between Reality and Fiction for European Launch of The Boys”

“The Boys ad calls out partying politicians after Boris Johnson confidence vote”

“Amazon Prime pokes fun at Partygate scandal with witty OOH activation”

“The Irreverent Marketing Genius of The Boys”

“Descarada acción de exterior para la tercera temporada de The Boys”

“La campagna europea di The Boys fonde realtà e finzione”


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