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Paddy Power

Across the Europe, it’s still common to hear homophobic chants and abuse being shouted during matches. This is one of the main reasons England’s Premier League still has yet to see an openly LGBTQ footballer in its rank. That’s why during the UK’s largest pride parade, we presented Proud United: A symbolic team made up of LGBTQ footballers from across the country, and something the likes of which the parade has never seen in its 46 year history: The Game Changer, a 22 X 42 ft balloon, that represents all LGBTQ footballers, our or not, that are changing the game every time they step onto the pitch. A symbol which, like these players, can’t be overlooked.

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“Inflatable football player floats over Brighton pride to show the lack of gay players in the Premier League”

“The largest inflatable ever used at a pride parade in the UK”

“The gigantic 'Game Changer' inflatable took to the skies over Brighton”

“GAY TIMES partners with Paddy Power to highlight lack of visibility for LGBTQ football players”

“Giant inflatable highlights lack of LGBT players in the Premier League”

“Footballers should be able to come out, says Souness”


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