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Opera GX

Opera GX, the browser built for gamers, wanted to tell the world about GX Mods: A new feature that allows users to completely customize their browsers. So to get the word out to the gamersphere, we teamed up with the king of customization himself: Mr. X to the Z, Xzibit. The rapper and former “Pimp My Ride” host starred in a series of online ads explaining, as only he can, everything the new feature has to offer. Because with GX Mods, now anyone can “pimp their motherf***ing browsers”.

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“Opera GX and Rapper Xzibit Team Up to Pimp Your Browser”

“Opera GX wants you to pimp your browser with new Mods feature”

“La alianza entre Opera GX y Xzibit tunea los ordenadores gamers”

“Xzibit y Opera GX unidos para tunear tu navegador”

“Opera GX y Xzibit se alían para tunear navegadores”

“Opera’s team-up with rap legend Xzibit to promote Opera GX’s GX Mods”


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