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A recent survey by Opera GX, the browser for gamers, found that more than two thirds of their users get angry when they lose, while even more become irate if lag, or a poor internet connection ruins their game. And when anger strikes, they usually take out their frustrations on the things they truly love most: their gear. That’s why we created Anger Controllers: A series of fake indestructible gaming peripherals to take on the very real issue of Gamer Rage.

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Anger Controllers formed part of a much larger effort by Opera GX to tackle the issue. In addition to releasing their first “Rage Report” with key data on US and UK gamers’ daily frustrations, the brand teamed up with Dr. K, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and leading gaming mental health advocate. Together, we presented a series of tips to help gamers manage frustrations associated with gaming as well as launching a livestream on Twitch featuring Dr. K and Cr1TiKaL in a discussion about gamers’ mental wellness.


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