#GamingForAll Challenge

Opera GX

Opera GX, the browser for gamers, is on a mission to enable all users to pursue their passion for gaming, no matter what their goals or abilities. That’s why we partnered with visually-impaired Street Fighter champion BlindWarriorSven to inspire every gamer to challenge themselves to overcome their personal obstacles – no matter what they are.

Sven inspired Opera to launch the Opera GX #GamingForAll Challenge – a unique TikTok challenge in which the brand dares gamers to test themselves by playing their favorite game without the use of their sight, just like Sven. But perhaps our greatest achievement was capturing the attention of Capcom, who asked Sven to help test Street Fighter 6 to help make it more accessible.

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“Opera GX and TikTok Team Up with BlindWarriorSven to Challenge Gamers to Defy Their Limits”

“El navegador Opera GX y TikTok retan a los gamers a jugar sin usar la vista”

“Opera Gx y TikTok desafían a los gamers con el challenge #GamingForAll”

“Opera GX y TikTok desafían a los gamers”

“Opera GX teams up with TikTok for the #GamingForAll challenge”

“Opera GX y TikTok retan a los gamers a superar el challenge #GamingForAll”


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