Creative Alliance

Officer & Gentleman & Arriba!

Since February 2022, millions of Ukrainian workers have lost their livelihoods as the country was plunged into an unjust war. Among them are thousands of people working in the creative industry in places like advertising agencies, production companies and design studios. But like Ukraine, they refuse to give up, and are determined to fight their way towards victory. 

One such agency is the Kharkiv based Arriba! After working together on a series of briefs – and forging a deep bond in the process – we decided to do something to encourage others in our industry to do the same. That’s how Creative Alliance was born: A project conceived to help Ukrainian creatives get back to work by showcasing their talents to the Spanish market for everything from pitches, to freelance work to productions. Because if there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s doing what we love.

To get the word out to everyone from creatives to clients, together with Arriba!, we launched Creative Alliance during a talk at Spain’s biggest advertising festival: The Club de Creativos’ Día C.


“La industria publicitaria española y Ucrania se unen.”

“Un proyecto para impulsar el sector ucranio de la publicidad.”

“Arriba! sigue haciendo publicidad para marcas a pesar de la guerra.”

“Ambas agencias quieren ayudar a los creativos que trabajan en Ucrania.”

“Arriba! y Officer & Gentleman han lanzado el proyecto Creative Alliance.”

“Una iniciativa para ofrecerles más oportunidades de trabajo.”


  • Officer & Gentleman & Arriba!


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