When There’s a Clásico


When it comes to El Clásico, the legendary matchup between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, people really get in the betting mood. Whether it’s with friends, in a sweepstakes with co-workers, or with a betting house like Betfair, when the big game rolls around, everyone takes part. That’s why this year, Betfair wanted to raise the stakes by challenging two El Clásico legends, Rivaldo and Michel Salgado, to put their reputations on the line in a one-on-one challenge of skills and knowledge. The catch? The loser had to wear the opposing team’s jersey in front of their home stadium, to the cheers and jeers of fans and rivals alike.

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Sometimes the bets don’t go your way. But since we all deserve a second chance during the holidays, we decided to give Michel Salgado one.  But would he be able to shake off his previous defeat at he hands of Rivaldo and win a Christmas victory?

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“Aceptaron el reto de Betfair que acabó con Salgado de azulgrana.”

“Michel Salgado se pone la camiseta del Barça!”

“El troleo de Rivaldo a Míchel Salgado tras perder la apuesta.”

“Michel Salgado se viste de azulgrana”

“Míchel Salgado fue 'culé' por un día por culpa de Rivaldo”

“Rivaldo and M.Salgado face off in crossbar challenge”


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