The Clitoris Conquest


The Orgasm Gap is a reality. Because while less than 30% of women reach climax during mixed-sex sexual activity, over 90% of men typically do. But even though that may seem like an unconquerable divide, it’s one that most partners can bridge with the right knowledge – and a little bit of teamwork.

That’s why EasyToys, Europe’s largest adult accessory retailer, decided to impart some of their wisdom in a way that makes the issue easier to address with “The Clitoris Conquest”: A brand new reality competition where 3 adventurous couples race to find the peak of Mount Clitoris (a very real location in Tadian, Philippines) to discover a not-so-hidden treasure – all while coming closer together in the process.

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“EasyToys Launches a Reality Show to Address the Orgasm Gap”

“The Clitoris Conquest channels Amazing Race, Survivor and The Challenge to bridge the Orgasm Gap”

“EasyToys launches The Clitoris Conquest: a new show to be the first to reach the peak of Mount Clitoris”

“EasyToys crea un reality show para superar la brecha del orgasmo y ‘conquistar el Clítoris’”

“La Conquista de Clítoris: un concurso de EasyToys para hablar sobre la brecha orgásmica entre hombres y mujeres”

“EasyToys lanza un reality show para conquistar el Monte Clítoris y concienciar sobre la Brecha del Orgasmo”


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