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Pornhub wanted to make a lot of noise for the launch of their very first line of sex toys and accessories for couples. So, we created “Sex Instruments”: the first ever song made entirely out of sounds produced by sex toys… and the moans they produce. We teamed up with the electropop trio Perlita to compose the original theme using guitars played with vibrators, anal beads for bass and strokers for rhythm to create a one of a kind song that will get your feet (and hands) moving. Because with Pornhub Toys, couples can make beautiful music together.

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“A Critical Review of a Song Made Entirely of Sex Toy and Sex Sounds”

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“Pornhub Just Made a Song Entirely Out of Sex Sounds and Toys”

“Pornhub releases the first ever song made entirely using sex sounds”

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“Pornhub Launches New Sex Toy Line for Couples to Spice Up Holiday Season”


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