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Believe it or not, 63% of American men admit they’ve used socks as a way of cleaning up after a good old-fashioned self-love session. But is there anything less sexy than finishing up with a sweaty old gym sock? That’s why we created Pornhub Socks: The first dual-purpose athletic wear for your feet and your hands. Each sock is printed with an image of one of the world’s top adult performers, so when the time comes for their second act, they double as sexy sock puppets to help set the mood. To launch the product, we created an epic sports ad filled with puns and double entendres in a tone normally reserved for sports giants like Nike or Adidas.

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“Pornhub brings a 'train like a pro' mentality to masturbation with this ad promoting its limited-edition 'dirty socks'.”

“Pornhub's New Ad Makes Jacking Off Look Like 'Rocky'”

“Pornhub Created a Perfect (and SFW) Satire of Sportswear Ads to Hype Its New Line of Socks”

“Pornhub has a new line of socks with porn stars on them, so you don't ruin your actual socks”

“Pornhub's socks advert takes on Under Armour with suggestive taglines and metaphors.”

“Pornhub “enlarge” its brand with socks”


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