Respect the Night


In 2019 Beefeater launched a rebranding campaign under the concept RESPECT: A philosophy that’s all about coexisting, and not just tolerating, but truly respecting each other’s differences. In order to help them bring that concept to life in bars and nightclubs across Spain, we launched a series of parties and nightlife activations that focused on making everything that separates us, finally unite us. So whether you’re into rock or trap, you take your gin in a glass or a plastic cup, or if you’re the type to watch the sunrise or you prefer to be in bed by midnight… we created an unforgettable experience that we can all enjoy together.

 The events and activations, of which there were over 1,000, we’re equipped with everything from interactive photo booths, glam cams with accessories to professional dancers, LED performances, T-shirt cannons, and of course, the best music. We even created dozens of different pieces of merchandise, from shirts and hats to branded to record players that we distributed to partygoers across the country.

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