Davis Cup Upgrade


This year the Davis Cup, also known as the “World Cup of Tennis”, took place in Madrid for the first time. AirAsia, the world’s number one low-cost airline was sponsoring the tournament and wanted our help to gain visibility for the brand at the event. But because the airline doesn’t service Europe just yet, we had to find a way to show attendees who arrived on other carriers why AirAsia is considered the best.

We launched “Upgrade to the Best Low Cost”, an activation in which fans who could demonstrate that they arrived to Madrid on one of those other low cost airlines could get upgraded from their regular seats to a VIP box, enjoying the world’s best tennis from the best seats in the house. And with many attendees arriving by metro, we created an AirAsia shuttle that, like those at the airport, transferred them from the closest metro station to the entrance of La Caja Mágica; a ride which, in the middle of November, was appreciated.

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