Fuck Your Period


While many may tiptoe around the topic of menstruation, we decided to take it head on. That’s why in our latest campaign for Pornhub you won’t find any blue liquid or women on horseback, just an original alternative to a very devisive issue: Period sex. Introducing F*ck your Period, a chance for Pornhub to help take some of the bite out of shark week by providing women every where with the perfect motivational material for some much needed sexual healing: Pornhub Premium. Because an orgasm a day keeps the Midol away.

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“Pornhub Wants To Get Everyone Having Orgasms On Their Periods.”

“Pornhub Are Offering Women On Their Period Free Premium Membership.”

“Pornhub's F Your Period Encourages Its Female Users To Be Self-Centered.”

“This Porn Site's Giving Women On Their Period Free Premium Membership.”

“Pornhub Is Giving You Free Premium Access During Your Period”


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