Nina Hartley’s Old School


Whether you or not you want to admit it – or even imagine it – your grandparents are getting it on. And while a brand like Pornhub is all for being frisky after sixty, unfortunately they’re not using protection, leading to an unprecedented rise in sexually transmitted diseases amongst seniors. That’s why we created Pornhub’s Old School: The first sex ed video for people over 65. Because love knows no age… but neither do STDs.

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“Finally, Someone Is Teaching Old People How to Fuck Good”

“Le site Pornhub donne une leçon d'éducation sexuelle aux seniors”

“A Pornhub pro offers sex ed for seniors”

“Pornhub has launched a campaign to teach old people about safe sex”

“Pornhub and Nina Hartley Roll Out a Sex-Ed Campaign for Seniors in Retirement Homes”

“Pornhub wants to teach old people how to have safe sex”


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