Life’s a long journey, filled with ups and downs. So you want to know that there’s someone there to lend you a hand when things get hard and the going gets rough. Introducing the Pornhub LifePlan: The lifetime membership to Pornhub Premium. Because no matter what comes your way, you should never lose your passion for living. The spot – designed to parody all those insurance ads we know and hate – was widely praised and as a result, the brand sold a record number of memberships, breaking all previous sales records. 

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“Pornhub has proven again that it doesn't take big bucks to drive significant media coverage”

“Props to creative agency Officer & Gentleman for hitting the mark on this one”

“The site dropped one of their signature a tongue-in-cheek ads about the deal”

“Pornhub has just introduced the deal of a lifetime”

“Pornhub released a promotional video, which I have to say, is hilarious”

“Pornhub are giving people an alternative to your traditional gifts: LifePlan”


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