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During the pandemic, we all had to adapt to working from home pretty quickly; and for a lot of us, that meant being connected to our coworkers on video calls throughout the day. But as we’ve seen, some people are still getting the hang of the technology. So for the first International Masturbation Day of the new normal, with millions celebrating worldwide, we wanted to see what would happen if WFH accidentally went NSFW.

Audiences across the world instantly connected with the video and it become a truly viral hit: Over the course of just 2 weeks, we racked up hundreds of thousands of shares and comments, and over 100 million views across Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, sparking and untold number of parodies, new edits, memes and the catchphrase “Daniel no!”.

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“Pornhub’s ‘Wank-From-Home’ PSA Cautions Against Careless Self-Love”

“Extremely Awkward Self-Love Viral Zoom Video is Actually an Ad”

“Pornhub has released a hilarious ad in time for Masturbation Day.”

“¡Cuidado con las videollamadas de trabajo!”

“Los riesgos del onanismo en el teletrabajo, según Pornhub”

“Pornhub Ad on Masturbation Day is Going Viral”


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