Remastured is an innovative project employing the latest technology to restore some of the oldest – and steamiest – erotic films ever produced. Using machine learning and over 100,000 adult images from Pornhub, we taught AI algorithms a dirty new trick: how to colorize vintage porn for a modern audience. We housed the entire collection of old-time erotica in the Remastured Film Library, where users can discover everything from voluptuous Victorians, silent seductors and facts about the films themselves. Because if you thought our generation was kinky, wait until you see how they got it on back in the day! And who knows? You may actually learn something from your elders.

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“Pornhub Remasters Century-old Erotic Films for a Modern Audience”

“PornHub Creates 4K Remasters of Classic Adult Videos With AI”

“From Officer & Gentleman and Pornhub comes a team-up to save filthy films”

“Pornhub transports viewers back in time to experience 20th century erotic films.”

“Pornhub Uses AI to Remaster Vintage X-Rated Films”

“PornHub Is Using The Power Of AI For Horny Good By Restoring Century-Old Porn In 4K”


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