Pornhub x Tron


From arcade games to augmented reality, cash money to cryptocurrencies… It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come. That’s why, to announce that Pornhub was accepting Tron, the world’s premiere entertainment currency, we made a sci-fi short film, the second in the brand’s Cryptrilogy, in which we can see how cash and cryptocurrencies have shaped the past and the future to come.

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“Pornhub Adds ZenCash (ZEN) And TRON (TRX) To List Of Crypto-Payment Options”

“Pornhub akzeptiert TRON und ZenCash: The future has come … again”

“Pornhub confirms Tron [TRX] and ZenCash [ZEN] for payments”

“World’s Biggest Porn Site Pornhub Adds Tron, ZenCash as Payment Options”

“Pornhub to Accept TRX While Tron Buys BitTorrent for $118 Million”

“Pornhub Now Accepts Tron and Zencash”


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