Hanukkah Gets Lit


Even for many Jewish people, Hanukkah can sometimes be hard to get excited about. That’s why in 2017 Pornhub gave them a whole new reason to rekindle their love affair with the festival of lights: Free Pornhub Premium for all 8 crazy nights. Far from simply an offer, we filled a major gap in the holiday season ad lineup with the first Hanukkah-themed ad by a major brand in over 20 years.

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“Pornhub is getting in the mood for Hanukkah”

“Pornhub gives you a whole new way to celebrate Hanukkah”

“It's a Hanukkah miracle”

“The spot won a publicity game of dreidel”

“Pornhub Ditches Christmas Tradition and Launches First Hanukkah Ad”

“Pornhub Celebrated Hanukkah In The Most Lit Way”


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