Bonerless Bathing Suit


Pornhub presents the Bonerless Bathing Suit, the answer to that age old problem: The unintentional beach boner. Created using the adult brand’s patented “Bonerless Technology”, the new line of practical swimwear was specifically designed to save men from most embarrassing beachside blunders.

To launch the new product, we teamed up with Spanish surf pop masters Airbag and American punk rock singer Kurt Baker to record “Beach Boner Blues”, a surf rock anthem telling the story of a perfect day at the beach gone awry when its interrupted by an unintentional, and uninvited, visitor.

Click here to listen to the original track on Spotify.

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“Pornhub Is Here to Save Us All From Beach Boners”

“Those unwelcome stow-aways could soon become a thing of the past”

“Now you can protect yourself from awkward beach erections with Pornhub’s brand new trunks.”

“Pornhub se lanza al mercado de la moda de baño con un producto exclusivo”

“Pornhub keeps guys from pitching awkward tents on the beach”

“The Bonerless Bathing Suit could help many men”


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