After fooling the world in previous years with an array of outlandish stunts, Pornhub launched their latest April Fools’ campaign in the form of a new product: Baterade, the first isotonic beverage that helps both men and women recover all their fluids (ALL of them) after taking part in everyone’s favorite physical activity: some good old fashioned self love.

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“Baterade by Pornhub: Now You’ll Love Again”

“Pornhub may have just won April Fools again”

“Pornhub Has Just Won April Fools Day With Its Baterade Video”

“Pornhub used the prank holiday to release its all-new fake beverage”

“PornHub parodia el anuncio más mítico de Coca-Cola por el Día de los Inocentes”

“Pornhub parodies a famous ad for April Fools”


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